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Nancy Gewölb Mayanz [cl] / 18 minutes

Description: I felt so well inside my cocoon!! I really didn`t wanted to go out, I just yesterday night saw the video of my performance........and I saw that even to me there were things that were so incongruent but also so right!
I usually do performances politically involved, and also I work with memory, and this wonderful workshop made me think and work about my feelings (full of memory and social compromise), you see??
Of course I should stay much more time inside the fabric, I needed it, but it also made me think about the meaning of the objects I used.
The red wooden object for the embroidery, “my stomach shadow” (by the way, embroider," bordar" in spanish, means also "to perform a thing according to art " ) was covered with a tin mesh, I sew on same very popular german sweets , I put on each of them small pieces of gauze with a stain of red tied with red thread, I stamped my name on each one of it and then I embroidered them in the tin mesh.
I dress myself only with a sky blue petticoat (underwear), and I tied a small red baby girl dress in the back beams of it, I am barefooted, and I comb my hair in a very tight bun then I put “my stomach shadow” on my stomach and wrap it tight around my waist, I take a sharp knife and cross my arms.
I just cannot do it alone so Gaby combs me and Johannes with Marcel help me throughout my performance, they wrap me very tight in a very thin 15 by 1,5 meters rose cotton fabric till I am a cocoon and they secure it with safety pins.
I lay in the floor in a diagonal position breathing profoundly, after a while I begin to uncross my arms a little till I can put the knife pointed up and try to cut the fabric slowly, slowly, until I am tired, then I try it again and suddenly I make a hole in it (only in front of my waist) so the point of the knife and my hands appears; in peace at first and then almost desperate I cut and tug and hew right and left trying to make it work as the pages of a book, I hurt my finger, (this was not prepared ) and a few drops of blood stain the cloth; when the hole is big enough I open it just to show “my stomach shadow”, I go on breathing and cutting slowly or desperate, till I pull it over my head and I can get out and up leaving my “cocoon” in the floor, I unwrap the “stomach shadow” and put it over it, I make a slow round till I can breath normally, then I leave the place leaving my cocoon and stomach shadow behind.
The audience becomes a central figure in the very mechanisms that grant meaning to the work. It is ultimately the recipient who closes my artist-viewer equation and I can see that the diverse procedures and materials employed in the performance reveal a deep formal and content-based search. The challenging approach I use, in turn, is immersed in identifiable tragic aspects of our recent history. My artistic pursuit is based on reviewing and questioning, but the response always falls upon those viewers who are able to see.