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Why Did You Go So Far?
Michelle Isava [tt/ve] / 10 minutes

Description of Action: I conceived of my performance with three basic elements; a cage, feathers and a childish dress. The process of finding these items also directed the action. The cage became more symbolic and so I decided to use a metal fold up bed as a substitute. The dictated that the bed would have to be hung instead of on the ground if it was a cage. The bed only covers one side, so I had it suspended in front of a window sill. On that window sill I stood behind the bed waiting to start the performance. Like caged birds at night, the front bars of my cage-bed were covered with a sheet. The audience met me hidden in this way. I started slowly to struggle behind the sheet making sounds hitting the bars to brake free. Eventually the sheet fell down. At this point I stood still and repeated the word ‘Emergency’ like a lullaby. When I stopped I found a simple way to gain freedom from my cage and I merely crawled out. On the ground were many feathers on which I started to move but could never get away from as they moved with me, made me slip and even got into my mouth. I struggled in this way for several minutes until I slowed down and stopped. Slowly I crawled under the feathers to hide again.

michelle Isava took part in PAS#17 | what is important click here to see her performance.