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Liesje van den Berk [nl] / 150 minutes

Description of action: When the audience enter, I stand already in the room, with each foot on one brick. A front of the bricks lays a big bleu balloon. I step behind the bricks and take them in my hands. I start to grind the bricks over my body, from my feet to my head and back. The dust sparkles around me and falls on my skin. I place the bricks back on their place and stand on them until my breath is calm again. I take the balloon and begin to inflate it. When the balloon is bigger than my face, I free the air out of the balloon and blow the dust off my face. I put the balloon down before the bricks and watch the balloon getting quite empty. Then I look in to the room and wait some moments and start all over again. I stop my cycles ten minutes before the end of the whole evening and walk out of the room.

Background: In my work I research the communication between people and their relation with the space. The stay in the Grimmmuseum during the passtudie, living and working together with a group of twelve artists, has formed this performance. In this performance I search for a way to be “in between”, to be in balance between private and public. How can I be present and in my own world? This struggle is visible in the movements (mechanical and meditative), sound (breathing and scrubbing), light, space and materials (like the balloon that shows the air I breathe, but also hides my face) I use. The actions show my power but the material my vulnerability. Everything has two sides, like the dust covers my skin, erase me from the space, but also makes my contour more visible. Even when I left the room my private world is still claimed.