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Krzysztof Kaczmar [pl] / 14 minutes

Description of action: I asked another workshop participant for help me with bringing the audience (max. 20 people) to the basement where I was waiting for them. I strictly forbid using torches, flashes, and mobiles. The whole process of bringing the audience down to the basement took around 7 minutes, so everybody had time to sit in complete darkness for a moment to calm themselves and concentrate.
When everybody came I started with my performance. Firstly I started to smoke a cigarette, and later I draw a circle in the air with it. Still smoking, I started to touch the ground with my hands, and every once in a while, when I found a right spot on the ground, I smoked a cigarette really close to the ground surface, shedding some light on it, and making some details visible (before the performance I found a lot of holes and scratches on the ground, which I painted white). This way I moved around the space, revealing some of these marks on the floor with the light of my cigarette. When I finished smoking, I put out the cigarette. I took a long pipe (nobody could see it, because of complete darkness) and I started to make noise through it: "aaaaaaaaa". The natural ending of making this noise was when I was completely out of my breath. I did it three times, staying on my knees and moving a pipe from side to side (it helped sound becoming more dimensional). During the last moments of the last time I made this noise, I used a small torch and I shed light from above my head, making me, this scene and all the marks on the floor visible for everybody. Later on, I raised my hand up (which was also painted white, like the spots on the ground) for everybody to see, and than I extinguished the light ( light was on for about 15 seconds). I put down the pipe, and I started to run in one place. I run till I was completely exhausted. After this I was breathing for about 10 seconds and than I rapidly stopped. Moment of silence... and I end the performance.