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Jesus Jiménez [mx] / 14 minutes

Description of action: CHAOSMOSIS is a performance on construction, and deconstruction, chaos, and creation. The space is orderly arranged with an installation for a photographic camera. Ordinary materials are used as tools to create extraordinary moments. Bubbles are used to call the audience into the space, rocks fell, then a tower of rocks is constructed, rice drops from a business suit, circles are created on wall with wood sticks, wind, and snow appear in the tower, bubbles are generated from my mouth with smoke inside, the tower is dropped from the distance with one single stone, and finally fire on one stone ends the performance. After the construction of each situation described a photograph with flash light is taken. The playful and inventive performance intents to open question and answers from the audience about the situations performed in front of the camera the situations are used as a metaphor of the virtue of human action, and our human role as strategic tactical piece in the constant creation of our Universe.