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# 19 | intensified dialogues

6. - 15. May 2011 / Piotrykow Trybunalski, Poland
In cooperation with the international performance art festival Interakcje, curated by Arti Grabowski


the final presenation was organized as a collage of individual actions within a group presentation.

Martyna Wolna [pl]
Luis Probala [pl]
Allison Fall [us]
Agnieszka Milogrodzka [pl]
Jacek Dąbrowski [pl]
krzysztof kaczmar [pl]
Michalina Rolnik [pl]

photo: matthiaspick

two participants showed as well performances on the old market square in piotrykow trybunalski as part of the studies.

Allison Fall [us]
Martyna Wolna [pl]

photo: marcel sparmann and bbb johannes deimling

Intensified dialogues is investigating the permanent conflicts in our daily life encounters on an emotional and intellectual level. As social beings, we are thinking in categories and classifications, we are consisting of numerous contradictions regarding our personal history and origins. This influences our behaviours and images in encounters with each other.
During the workshop we will experience our differences in the ways we are sharing ideas and interests and dealing with conflicts and limitations. This cultural, emotional and aesthetical diversity is seen as a value and a chance to formulate and express individual positions and intensify each individual artistic expression.
This PAStudies were realized as part of the Interakcje Festival for Performance Art, 2011 curated by Arti Grabowski.